Climate Change


Climate change

We are working hard to contribute to our province’s climate change ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by providing Canadian consumers with lower carbon fuel choices.

At each step in fuel production, we see the opportunities that exist to improve our energy efficiency and develop cleaner ways of processing materials. Parkland has been an industry leader in this regard, replacing a portion of crude oil by co-processing low-carbon renewable feedstocks like canola oil and tallow.
We continually invest in safe and innovative operating practices at the Burnaby Refinery and plan to continue to invest in low-carbon fuel initiatives. We are increasing the volumes of our feedstocks, and exciting work is under way using BC’s forest residuals, municipal liquid waste, and other sources as a means of lowering the carbon intensity of the essential fuels our customers rely on.

Parkland’s leadership in transitioning refined fuel production has been noticed by both the federal and BC governments.

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard and Clean BC in particular have materially changed the way fuel is manufactured in the province, setting a goal of a 20% reduction in diesel and gasoline carbon intensity by 2030. Parkland is proud to support these ambitious goals and play a major role in helping meet them.