About The Refinery

Parkland keeps British Columbia moving.

The Burnaby Refinery proudly provides a quarter of BC’s transportation fuel (gasoline and diesel), supporting everyday drivers, as well as key community services including TransLink buses and BC Ferries.

Closer to home, we produce approximately 25% of Greater Vancouver’s gasoline and 30% of Vancouver International Airport’s jet fuel.

The Burnaby Refinery is a critical and strategic part of BC’s economic infrastructure, supplying individuals, businesses and public institutions with the essential fuels they rely on to maintain their quality of life, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuels, asphalts, heating fuels, heavy fuel oils, butanes, and propane.


We’re neighbours too.

Our dedicated team of experts, many of whom live in the local communities, include highly trained engineers, operators, maintenance and safety personnel, and technicians. Our deeply experienced team keeps our facility running safely and smoothly. Meet some of our talented people below.


Don Cameron

Plant Protection Manager and Refinery Fire Chief

“I’ve worked at the Burnaby Refinery for 25 years and manage a team of highly trained first responders and engineers. My focus is on safety, emergency preparedness, and ensuring our team is ready to immediately respond to any operational issues that might arise. Our day-to-day work includes ensuring the proper handling of potentially hazardous materials and ensuring all our work processes are as safe as they can be. I’m very proud of the refinery’s safety track record.”


Vicki Bowman

Environmental Team Lead

“I’ve worked here for 14 years and live in the shadow of Burnaby Mountain – I know how much the community relies on us to keep our shared environment safe. I’m an engineer and lead a team that is dedicated to continuous improvement in environmental performance. Our work involves closely monitoring emissions and air quality, and ensuring we meet regulatory standards. Our team works with regulators at all levels of government as part of our shared commitment to keeping our facility and the community safe. I am proud to come to work each day, knowing the team at all levels, shares my passion for environmental excellence."


Jacki Hess

Health, Safety and Environment Director

"I have worked in this industry for more than 20 years, supporting most aspects for the business from operations & maintenance to integrity and HSE.  Today, I have the privilege of leading a diverse group of Environmental, Process Safety, Personal Safety, Operational Excellence and Emergency Management professionals.  Together, we work to keep our facility, our community and our environment safe."


Robert Pinchuk

Renewable Feed Co-Processing Lead

“I lead Parkland’s team of engineers developing renewable fuels here at the Burnaby Refinery.  We are making real strides through co-processing, where we replace a portion of conventional crude oil feedstocks with renewable sources like canola and tallow.  

My work is helping Parkland and BC meet ambitious climate action goals– targets that will ultimately help us better protect the environment we all call home.  Having worked in the industry for over a decade, I am proud of Parkland’s leadership and success in this space, and the role it played in enabling British Columbia’s ambitious low-carbon legislation.”