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Safety, protecting the environment and maintaining reliable operations are our top priorities. They underpin our business and operational practices and are foundational to our culture.

In addition to our low carbon aspirations, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment and surrounding community in every aspect of our day to day operations. 

We have extensive systems, processes and procedures designed to protect our employees, communities and the environment. Through a combination of our deeply embedded safety culture, rigorous monitoring, pro-active measures, and capturing lessons learned, we aim to continuously improve our processes.

In addition to the extensive steps we take to help prevent safety issues from occurring, we have equally robust emergency preparedness plans to help us manage any potential safety or environmental incidents as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Each year we stage detailed simulations, drills and exercises to test and enhance our response plans. In some cases, we undertake the preparedness exercises with participation from local authorities, emergency services, First Nations, and first responders.

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Pursuing a Low Carbon Future


We are committed to providing our customers with the essential fuels they depend on while at the same time playing a leadership role in a transition to a lower carbon future.


We are excited by the progress we have made on low carbon fuel production and are proud to be the only refinery in North America that is successfully co-processing to produce renewable fuels.


Parkland is working with partners to develop additional feedstocks such as forest residuals, wastewater biomass and carbon capture liquids to create higher-value products from waste streams.

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Health, Safety & Environment programs

The comprehensive Health, Safety & Environment programs at Parkland, including our "Stop, Think, Act" and "Drive to Zero" initiatives, reinforce our strong safety culture among all employees.

We begin meetings at the Burnaby Refinery with a safety moment. These further strengthen our safety culture and drive individual accountability.

Stop. Think. Act. | Drive to Zero