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Our refinery updates are transitioning to digital

As our operations shift towards greener paths, so are our community engagement plans. As part of our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment and increase the efficiency of our communication with our local community, we look forward to transitioning to new digital formats.

Fire Safety Tree Removals: October 2020 Update

Parkland has summarized and reviewed community input regarding the sightline mitigation replanting plan at N. Carleton Ave and Yale St., and will begin planting in October 2020. 

We would like to thank everyone for their input regarding the sight line remediation at the N. Carleton Ave. & Yale St. gate in North Burnaby.

Over the course of two public input periods held July 7–August 7, 2020, and September 8–15, 2020, as well as a virtual community meeting held on September 15, 2020, we received a total of 12 pieces of feedback from community members. The overall feedback was supportive of Alternative 1. In addition to this input, we received several questions and suggestions regarding tree species and sizes, sight lines through the gate and general planting in the naturalized area (View C).

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Past Issues of Neighbourhood Newsletter

On October 1, 2017 the facility changed ownership from Chevron Canada Ltd. to Parkland Refining (B.C.) Ltd. Material generated prior to October 1, 2017 has been retained for continuity.

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