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Being a good neighbour also means being a good listener.

We are committed to engaging productively with our community neighbours, and always look for ways to do better.

The Burnaby Refinery regularly asks for neighbourhood feedback to minimize the impact of our operations. Over the years, we have made large and purposeful investments to alleviate community disruption and continue to meet with our neighbours for their valued input.


One way of ensuring we maintain open lines of communications with our local communities is through our Community Advisory Panel (CAP).

Est. 1996

Established back in 1996, the CAP serves to facilitate dialogue and foster an understanding between the Burnaby Refinery and its nearby residents. The team meets quarterly to discuss Refinery operations, personal and process safety, environmental performance, and other topics of mutual importance to staff and neighbours. 

Diverse participation

Senior Parkland refinery management attend every meeting, and from time to time, special presentations are made by technical or subject matter experts to help the CAP better understand pertinent issues.  An independent consultant facilitates the meetings, and regulatory agency participation currently includes representatives from Metro Vancouver.

If you’d like to sit in on a CAP meeting or if you are interested in learning more about joining as a member of CAP please contact us.

Constantly Evolving

We are constantly evolving our strategies as we look for new and effective ways of engaging with our neighbours and in being more inclusive of our community.

CAP encourages participation from as broad a cross-section of the local community as possible. Neighbours are welcome to attend CAP meetings as observers. Neighbours may also submit a question for CAP’s consideration at the next meeting. Please click here to send us a question.

Current Members

  • Kathy Mezei
  • Al Mytkowicz
  • Joanne Smith
  • Aswinee Rath
  • Davis Vaitkunas
  • Michele Joel
  • Daniel Wood
  • Tim Maryon
  • Catherine Carlson
  • Amy Smith
  • Judith Roche

Past Meeting Minutes

On October 1, 2017 the facility changed ownership from Chevron Canada Ltd. to Parkland Refining (B.C.) Ltd. Material generated prior to October 1, 2017 has been retained for continuity.