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The Burnaby Refinery

Keeping British Columbia moving on the roads, in the sky, and on the sea.



The Burnaby Refinery has been a proud and integral member of the Burnaby community since 1935. Acquired by Parkland in 2017, this is one of Canada’s only remaining West Coast refineries. The highly experienced team who run it is very proud to safely produce and provide British Columbians with the transportation fuels that support their economy and lifestyle.

Parkland Burnaby Refinery
Parkland Burnaby Refinery


Safety, protecting the environment and maintaining reliable operations are our top priorities at Parkland. They underpin our business and operational practices and are foundational to our organizational culture. We have extensive systems, processes and procedures designed to protect our employees, customers, communities and the environment.

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In addition to the extensive steps we take to help prevent safety issues from occurring, we have equally robust emergency preparedness plans. These are regularly tested, in some cases with the participation of local authorities, emergency services and first responders.

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The team at the Burnaby Refinery play an innovative and leading role in contributing to British Columbia’s climate change goals. In addition to reducing our own emissions, we have played a leadership role in the creation of low carbon fuels, which help lower emissions generated by the consumers who rely on our products. We create low carbon fuels through a technique called co-processing, where we replace a portion of crude oil with a renewable feedstock, such as tallow or canola oil. The resulting fuels contain around 1/8 of the carbon intensity of traditional fuels.

We continue to invest in this innovative and leading low-carbon fuel capability.

We believe that being a good neighbour includes being an active member of the community.

We live here too. Many of our team members live in the local communities. We are proud of our work, as well as the way we support and give back to the local community.

Over the years, we have proudly supported hundreds of community initiatives and our team is constantly alerted to new opportunities to get involved and give back. 

Parkland Burnaby Refinery - Community
Parkland Burnaby Refinery - Community
Parkland Burnaby Refinery - Community
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